Introduction to NICs Supported by QuecPython

This section provides a brief introduction to the NICs supported by the QuecPython solution, including cellular NIC, Wi-Fi NIC, Ethernet NIC, and USB network adapter.

Introduction to Supported NICs

Cellular NIC

Most of the modules supported by QuecPython are cellular communication modules, which gives QuecPython a natural advantage in supporting cellular NICs. It boasts comprehensive functional interfaces and robust underlying technical support.


QuecPython provides Wi-Fi device management functions, enabling control of Wi-Fi devices through hardware interfaces by attaching external Wi-Fi chips or through porting QuecPython onto Wi-Fi chips.
For external Wi-Fi NICs, which are intended for module chips that do not have built-in Wi-Fi NIC, QuecPython supports connecting external Wi-Fi NICs through serial ports or SDIO hardware interfaces, such as ESP8266/FC41D/ASR5803.
For built-in Wi-Fi NICs, QuecPython can be directly ported to the Wi-Fi chip, such as FCM360W/FC41D.

Ethernet NIC

QuecPython provides Ethernet NIC/PHY chip management functions. QuecPython has built-in lwIP protocol stack and EMAC layer, which enables it to drive Ethernet/PHY chips. It now supports various SPI/RMII interface Ethernet chips.

USB Network Adapter

QuecPython provides USB network adapter management functions. QuecPython integrates RNDIS/ECM/MBIM protocols on the USB interface, which allows it to be recognized as a NIC device in different systems (such as Windows/Linux/Android/IOS) and directly establish network connections.

List of Supported NICs

NIC Type Supported Module
Cellular NIC All except Wi-Fi chip modules
Wi-Fi NIC ESP8266 EC600N series, EC600M series
FC41D EC600N series, EC600M series
ASR5803 EC200A series
Built-in WLAN FCM360W and FC41D
Ethernet NIC W5500 EC600N series and EC600M/EC800M series
DM9051 EC600N series
CH395 EC600U series
YT8512/SZ18201/JL1101 EC200A series
USB Network Adapter RNDIS All except Qualcomm chip modules and Wi-Fi chip modules
ECM All except Qualcomm chip modules and Wi-Fi chip modules
MBIM Only supported on Qualcomm chip modules